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The sports ‘carnivore’

17 May

Red ones make you go faster, don't they?

My 8 yr old slug-a-bed has been asking Dad to get her up early so she can do her ‘exercises’ in preparation for the school’s winter highlight. Yes, it’s time for the sports carnival, or as the Shark has so aptly named it, the ‘sports carnivore’.

I hope the ‘carnivore’ mispronunciation isn’t prophetic and it won’t really be ‘a dog eat dog’ affair, but you never can tell when it comes to kids, their parents and competitive sport.

Some kids have been training seriously for this event, their ticket into the zone and regional finals. True little Aussie champions, they (and their parents) can see bright sporting futures ahead of them. The NRL, AIS and other organisations known only by their initials beckon our would-be sporting heroes. Little Athletics and the school sports carnival this week, in a few years, who knows? Surely every little athlete worth his salt will be slogging his guts out on the track. A well-planned regime of training schedules, balanced diet and vitamin supplements may be the way forward to attaining those goals and breaking personal bests.

It sounds like a sensible plan, but obviously not to my daughter. Lolly’s idea of training is to get up and skip outside on the damp, cold concrete in her pj’s for 10 minutes before her feet get numb. The carnival is on Tuesday, she started training on Monday. Maybe she didn’t want to peak too early.

Her dietary concerns were explained this morning as I handed her her usual school lunch, including a cheese sandwich on wholemeal bread.

“I s’pose I won’t complain about whatever sort of bread you give me at the moment Mum. What with the carnival coming up and all. I know it’s good for me, so I’ll eat it, even though I don’t really like it.”

As I unpacked the groceries this afternoon, she wrote me a list of what she would like included in her lunchbox for tomorrow. I record it here, unedited.

Watermelon  breadrools  rais on toast and some chocolate biscuits

(Interesting, isn’t it, that my eight year old can spell chocolate but not bread roll? Hey, that’s another story.:) )

She justified the first two items as healthy, the third as healthy and yummy, and the last as a special treat and ‘because I like them’. I must admit, I can see her point.

I smiled inwardly this afternoon as my young dynamo dashed outside to scoot furiously up and down the path to the washing line, in between the shows she likes to watch on ABC Kids. She jumped and skipped on the trampoline, and did some sort of Pilates-inspired stretching on the grass, before retiring to her room to lay on her bed and read for the rest of the afternoon.

So she’s ready, apparently. Her joggers and sports shorts are waiting beside the bed, laid out in anticipation of the great day ahead. Personally, I’m anticipating wind-burnt cheeks, straggly hair, grit in my eyes, terrible coffee and cold sausage rolls. She’s so excited though, I just have to agree when she tells me she can’t wait until tomorrow.  Whatever she does or doesn’t achieve in the events, she’s had a lot of fun getting ready for it. And isn’t that really the point when you’re a kid? I know she will do her best with everything she has in that incredibly elastic expandable heart of hers. And that’s all a mother could ask.