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Hunter Walk 4 Freedom

29 Apr

I’m lacing up my joggers and putting my feet where my mouth is. Well, kind of.  My foot has often been in my mouth, but this time it’s for a good cause. The Hunter Walk 4 Freedom is about raising money and more importantly awareness about human trafficking. All sponsorship money raised will go to The A21 Campaign to help rescue, shelter, care for and nurture girls who have been sold, trafficked and held captive in the sex industry. It will also help to see that justice is done and human traffickers are fined and imprisoned.

Most of us think that slavery was abolished in the 1800’s but there are more slaves in the world today than at any other time. And their value is decreasing. A human being can be bought for as little as $90.

This Sunday’s walk is about valuing humanity, and saying that trafficking is not ok with me. I am fortunate to have a voice, so I am speaking up for those who can no longer raise a cry. Check out the website and A21 for more details. And then join me! Or sponsor me. Whatever you like. I’ll be the one in the black t-shirt 😉