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It must be Fete.

2 Aug

Right now I feel just a little   overwhelmed by everything I have to do. Our family-sized calendar for August is scarily marked with red pen and capital letters, yelling reminders at me not to forget the myriad appointments and functions my family has scheduled in for the next four weeks. We’re talking dead-lines, sports days, speeches, doctors appointments, election polling, birthdays, school excursions and organising the school fete.

Oh yes, you may well laugh. Most of my friends did once I sheepishly admitted I had put up my hand to organise our school  fete. As if I had nothing better to do with my so called  ‘spare’ time.

The fete was supposed to be held last year, but due to Uncle Kev’s  Education Revolution our school got a brand spanking new hall plonked right in the middle of our playground and the date was post-poned. Come the New Year, the $20 million question was posed. Was I still able to co-ordinate the big day? Ahh, um, what could I say? Right now I’m working on my book, writing like a mad thing for parenting publications and trying to keep life a positive experience for my hubby and three children. Sure. Of course I’ll organise the fete for you. It’ll be a blast.

Sure, the timing is rubbish, but if I’m totally honest, I have to admit that I actually enjoy organising things. My siblings tell me it’s to do with my bossy eldest sister training. My mum recognised it when I organised the whole class to set up a surprise party for a teacher whan I was in Year 3. At uni I did public relations thinking I would like to be an events organiser,  and I had to organise a major event at Maitland Gaol to graduate. They were all just practice for the real thing.

My thirtieth birthday party. Ah, now that was a party to remember. I’ve been to weddings where they didn’t put as much thought into the day as I did with my 30th. The food, the cake, the band, the costumes, my dress and of course my beautiful red shoes, all were planned months in advance. The party produced some terrific photos and great memories. I had a picture in my mind about what I wanted, and actually managed to exceed even my own inflated expectations.

But it was all just training, really. When it comes to organising a fete, there are insurances and floats to consider, of both the horse and money variety. People to organise, volunteers to co-ordinate, food to cook,  media to inform, comittees to liasise with. Tickets to sell, balloons to order, posters to print, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera… you get the idea. It’s massive.

On August 28th, our Grand Winter Fete is going to be a terrific. It will be a traditional, old fashioned family fete, just with better coffee. I’m incredibly thankful to have a great team to help me and our end goal is, other than raising a potload of money for our school of course, to increase the sense of community in our school. It’s starting to happen in tiny increments, and the signs are positive. If I make it to the end of August, I may just manage to surprise myself once again.