Spare time? What spare time?!?

3 Jan

Two posts in as many days. Who’d have thunk it?

Sitting down to blog about the cake incident, as it’s being referred to in this house, I remembered just how much I love writing. It’s flow for me. I sit down at the keyboard and hours have flown by. Something like being in your element, I guess. It’s only taken me 30 years to work it out. Better late than never, I guess.

Anyway, as much as I love writing, and I do love it most of the time, there is such a thing as the pressing need to earn an income. Precious little money in writing, and none whatsoever in raising kids. So I’ve started my own little business,-along with my cards and my book and my Sunny Days work- and I’m making something I’ve called a silky chill. It’s an icepack for kids. Satin soft and freezable, it’s for all those bumps and scrapes that my kids have every day. That’s enough plugging from me. Check it out here

If you like the look of it, let me know, or better yet, tell all your friends!

Oh, I will get to that synchronised swiming blog, too. Might save it for tomorrow though. Here’s a taster.


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