Apple stickers, and other forms of kid graffiti

5 Apr

I was doing some house-work this morning. You  know, just the usual- put the washing on, quick clean of the bathroom, never-ending picking up of stray toys, cushions and books. As I was sweeping the kitchen floor, I came across not one, but two of those little apple stickers, stuck to the tiles next to the bin.   I scraped them off with a fingernail, shaking my head. It’s not me who’s doing it, and I’m fairly sure my hubby isn’t sticking his apple stickers on the floor. This leaves three young culprits, all of whom delight in leaving a little of themselves behind as some sort of territorial marker.

As I swept the dustpan into the bin, I noticed someone  had stuck a Fuji sticker to the bin lid! What is going on?!?! Why this incessant graffiti-ing of my house? Am I the only one in this family who cares what our house looks like? I know, I’m just saying exactly the same things my mum said all those years ago when I was a kid. But it’s true, isn’t it? Kids are notorious for making mess, (which occasionally in my family has involved permanent marker and bed linen), yet Mum is the one who seems to bear sole responsibility for cleaning it up.

Our walls are artfully decorated with scribbles of varying colours. Each of our three children have contributed.  A cute little house is drawn behind my chair on the dining room wall, and I must admit a certain affection for it, despite of myself. Lolly was about 3 when she first learned to write her own name. It appeared on the suede effect wall in the lounge room in red pen. Very neatly written, in fact. I could hardly be mad at that sort of work, could I? Perhaps I should have been! Our literate daughter has autographed numerous walls, doors and our timber dining table, complete with deep impression lest we ever finally remove the ink. The furniture in her room hasn’t escaped her creativity, nor the forehead of her favourite doll.

Fresh from supervising her cleaning off the latest graffiti, I ducked into the bathroom to find a Great Work! sticker from school attached to the mirror. If school was the only provider of stickers, perhaps our homes would be graffiti-neutral. Alas, now dentists, football teams, charities and even supermakets are supplying the horrid things to be stuck somewhere innappropriate and ruin someone’s paint job, or antique timber cupboard.

I know that as a kid, I did the exactly same thing. My brother and I delighted in lining up our stickers on our (hand-crafted by my grandfather, gorgeous timber) wardrobe door, comparing who was the better behaved child and therefore who received the most stickers. My parents were cross and forbid us to stick our stickers anywhere but in a daggy little exercise book, designated specifically for that purpose. We both thought that they were incredibly strict, unreasonable and above all, boring no-fun parents. We promptly labelled them the meanest parents in the world. From my childrens’ baleful glares, it looks like I may have just earned the coveted award myself.

(For anyone else who is battling the sticker issue, eucalyptus oil works really well.)

3 Responses to “Apple stickers, and other forms of kid graffiti”

  1. Sandra April 6, 2010 at 11:20 pm #

    Autographing ones surrounds is a protocol written in the universal handbook of ‘how to be a child’.

    Somewhere out there is a silver Land cruiser with a neatly written ‘Rowena’ down the side of the passenger door complete with fist size circle for a full stop.

    I figure in a few decades, when our homes are void of babies, these will be our most valued possessions.

  2. Leeanne April 9, 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    Sticker graffitti, every lived in family home has it. Lxx

  3. childrens slippers May 16, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    Hi, Mother’s Day YAY !!!
    I still remember our first Christmas with our first baby in the house – what a real blessing and a challenge all at the same time. WOW! children are such a GIFT aren’t they. How did we have any real meaning in life before them. God Bless.

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